First Experiences

I received the gift of my camera in November of 2015 but I didn’t pick it up until February. I had been working 16 hour days for those four months and finally managed to schedule a long weekend getaway in Galveston, TX for Valentine’s Day with my wonderful husband James.

The night we arrived (since he is a Cannon Shooter and the camera my mother gifted me is a Nikon) James found a YouTube video that gave me some tips to set up my camera for the type of shooting I would be doing.  Then we had a pizza and got some sleep.

I was surprised by the anxiety I felt that morning. James helped me through that with a short test session in the room and then we set out to explore the island.  Over the weekend we visited the beach, Ashton Villa, The Strand, Fort Travis and took a ride on the Ferry.  Once it was over I was completely sold and I have been picking up my camera every chance I’ve had since then.

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