Focal Length

Apparently you can’t pick up a camera like the one my mother gave me and just start taking pictures. There
are things to learn and rules to follow and sometimes, if you learn enough, you can even break the rules. (That’s my favorite part!) So my husband James and I began establishing rules for my shooting in order to encourage my learning and increase my knowledge.

One of the things James did for me was to give me assignments and this first assignment was to limit my options for focal length. In fact up to this point I had only shot with my 55-200mm lens (the one that makes things that are far away look close upish and I long for something between a 200-400) but I had an 18 – 55mm lens (the one that allows you to take pictures of big things from close up) included with my gift that I hadn’t even touched. So today’s assignment was to use my 18 – 55mm only, attempting to maintain 18mm and OMG did I struggle!

I grabbed my gear and headed out on my own to scout locations for the day. I wandered around the town I have lived in for the last 20+ years exploring many of the places I might like to shoot.  I had been out to Butler Longhorn Museum a few times.  In fact, the first ever time I had been there was as a mail carrier when it was simply the home of a local banker. The place is beautiful and the grounds, set on the edge of Clear Creek, are simple and peaceful. So where else would I be happy capturing serenity for the day? I went back to the house and told my husband he would have to join me.

We wandered the grounds for a few hours and both of us explored our creative sides that day. There were many lessons learned and, for me, many new rules discovered, as well as broken. But I did learn a lot about my camera and of course every day shooting is a valuable experience. I believe we should always be searching for ways to expand our knowledge and explore this world. Don’t ever stop reaching for those fabulous AH HA moments.  Feel free to share yours with me and I will do my best to continue to share mine with you.

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