Something magical happens whenever I put the camera strap around my neck. At that moment it feels as though I have been given permission to play.  I’m more in tune with and focused on the world around me and all I am looking for is the beauty. If we could all see the world with this vision it would be a much happier place to live.

Once I had picked up my camera and reviewed the first images I captured on that wonderful weekend in Galveston there was no way I was putting it down. So I pick it up whenever I have a few moments and quite often that time is at home.  Wandering through the yard I have seen the splendor of such simple things as the shadows cast by my favorite tree, a lizard on the brick of the house and a sunflower my son found growing in the back yard plucked up and placed in the watering can he bought me for mother’s day.

I hope I have encouraged you to find your “camera strap.” Something that changes your perspective and allows you the vision of a world with boundless beauty and wonder. Now go play!

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