The Beginning

Although I’ve always looked for venues to express my creative side, photography seemed to be beyond my reach. Cameras are expensive and there is so much technical knowledge needed to operate them I never felt I could afford either the monetary cost or the brain power required. And besides, I had other creative outlets.  Namely the community theatre I spent years volunteering for that allowed me a wide range of opportunities to express this part of me. Also, my husband is a photographer so I was able to piggyback on his knowledge and creativity offering suggestions for styling, set design, and a different perspective during his shoots.

Cast & Crew of The Importance of Being Earnest at Clear Creek Community Theatre Copyright James Crossman Photography

But then we attended a week long photography retreat and on day 4, during a class on underwater photography, I discovered a passion for photography that I could no longer ignore. So upon our return home I expressed my desires to my mother who had long since put down her camera, in the hopes she would allow me to borrow her gear to learn with. (I was still terrified of the commitment.) A week later my mother showed up with the gift that would begin my journey into this fascinating new world for me where I continue to surprise myself by capturing the beauty I see around me.

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